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They are business premises designated for selling products and articles related to cannabis. They are located in places where counterculture is rife. You are most likely to find them in low-class residential locations, but it’s not uncommon to spot some in upmarket areas. They served the interest of clients harboring such mentality. 

What is it?

Basically, these are stores or outlets that sell everything from devices, gift items, literature, and even paraphernalia. But the only differences with other drugs stores and novelty outlets are that these head shops offered implements and goods targeting cannabis users.

The actual reason why they are referred to this term is unclear. The most probable reason is that they dealt with items that provoked their clients’ thoughts or go them thinking counter to the norm. Interestingly, when someone is addicted to a particular thing, he is referred colloquially as the Head.

The terminology originated from the drugs circles. They referred to anything that expounded one’s head or mind. During that period, the head was a term used to identify anyone feeling high, heady or giddy. Maybe the name remained to date.

So we can conclude that it is a place where implements for tuning or elevating one’s mind or head are sold. The merchandise here includes comic books, glass pipes, and water pipes. Other items stocked here are music recordings, posters, and gift sundries.    


In the 1960s, a lot of clamor of anti-conforming activities and active movement against the war in Vietnam took place in the United States. Although the acceptance of this culture to the mainstream lifestyle has been slow and looked with contempt, signs of persistence continued.

Many adherent members found shops that manufactured, planted, sold and even offered consultancy on the field of cannabis for recreational use. But with the partial legalization of this substance for therapeutic application, head shop expansion took root.

This growth, however, has not been without challenges. In the 1970s, the US Supreme Court ruling outlawed all psychotic drugs including literature as novelties. However, some outfits went underground and continued with their illicit businesses.

The 2010s saw a lot of arson attacked against this business in the Irelands. But these incidences were tracked to rival drug groups. In several states the US and other countries such as Ireland, the courts invoked stricter laws insisting on arresting not only the owners of this business but also anyone in possession of drugs related items.

Current situation

Many countries have so far eased the strict regulation on the sale and use of cannabis. Similarly, the laws are very diverse not only in their usage but as in their interpretations. The loopholes provided opportunities for a new breed of headshops to emerge.

New entrepreneurs opened up freshly branded outlets. Other claimed that they sold items “not for use with illegal substances.” But in fact, they simply sold glass pipes, bongs, hemp and rolls pipes used for cannabis smoking. 

In the Netherlands where the sale and possession of marijuana are legal, another variant of this business, known as the smart shop is prominent. Here, they sell psychoactive substances and smokable weeds in addition to cannabis items. Here, you will be shown the premium and classic weed accessories presently on Itsprimo.

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