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Category: CBD News

The Benefits of Cannabis Capsules

The Benefits of Cannabis Capsules

Cannabis capsules or pills generally contain concentrated cannabinoid in the form of oil or powder encapsulated in a gelatine-based capsule. These small CBD Pills have low doses for cannabis effects or high doses for heavy users. Based on individual preferences, users can select capsules containing single or multiple cannabinoids offering varied effects.

CBD Pills offer a traditional method of cannabis delivery ideal for new users or those who want to try new experiences. With just a few ingredients, cannabis capsules offer the users the convenience to consume higher doses of THC. Here are some of the other benefits of CBD capsules.

Smoke-Free Cannabis Consumption Method

Not everybody is interested in consuming cannabis by vaping or smoking flowers and concentrates. People with respiratory issues or health-conscious consumers would want to ingest cannabis in the form of capsules to achieve desired effects. Tar and smoke produced from smoking can harm the lungs, particularly for heavy users.

When smoked or vaped, cannabis gets stripped of beneficial terpenes and other compounds as the flower is heated. Not only does smoking reduce the psychoactive and non-psychoactive compounds in the cannabis but also distributes THC throughout the brain, body, lungs, heart and bloodstream. Ingesting CBD Pills with formulations based on personal preferences offers consumers experience with delayed but stronger effects than other consumption methods.

Strong, Consistent Doses

Cannabis capsules come in a variety of formulations including a combination of cannabinoids. The formulation you choose comes in gelatin-based capsules containing a consistent dose of therapeutic cannabinoids. Users can take low doses or capsules with high milligram content to achieve stronger effects. Cannabis capsules don’t go through the lungs but are metabolized in the digestive system. The metabolic process is known to offer stronger effects and help achieve the desired state with lesser product and feel more intense experience.

Discreet and Portable

Unlike CBD Pre Rolled joints, CBD Pills are easy to consume anywhere and require no equipment for usage. These capsules often come in discreet bottles resembling bottles found at the medicine cabinet. They also feature locking lids to prevent strangers and children from accessing them. Pills come in a variety of dosing and are a great option for those who don’t like flavored or sweet edibles. They are highly portable because they need no equipment to work and can be carried anywhere.

As no plant matter burns, cannabis pills do not generate any smoke or smell. Vaping and smoking can make it difficult to consume cannabis in public and may require multiple uses throughout the day. Edibles take from 1-2 hours to take effect and effects last for as long as eight hours. Cannabis capsules take only half an hour to enter the bloodstream, which is faster than edibles. People who find it difficult to swallow pills can purchase cannabis suppositories which can be injected rectally or vaginally. These are absorbed through the intestinal lining. Effects of this method can be faster than orally consumed pills and take 10 to 20 minutes to take effect. These pills offer a lot of versatility, strength and effectiveness for consumers looking to try something new. Click Here to know more about CBD products from America’s Best CBD Marketplace.

Farm Bill Opens Up Newer Markets for the CBD Industry

Farm Bill Opens Up Newer Markets for the CBD Industry

2018 was a big year for the cannabis industry as Canada rolled out marijuana legalization, California became the biggest legal cannabis marketplace in the US and Mexico was allowed to become the next country to follow. With doors opened for new markets to come, there are new goals and challenges for the cannabis industry as a whole.

A number of industry innovators are working hard to keep up with this shift. Examples include Green Thumb Industries Inc., Namaste Technologies Inc., CannaOne Technologies Inc., Terra Tech Corp. and CV Sciences Inc. proposing various solutions. With the emergence of newer markets, newer challenges emerge as well including something called ‘Lifetime Value’ or LTV. CannaOne Technologies has introduced a unique B2C platform specifically designed to help the cannabis industry by helping companies deal with the demand of LTV.

As stated in an interview with Stockhouse, CEO of CannaOne Technologies, Solomon Riby-Williams believes that the lifetime value of a cannabis consumer is the highest of all. The tech platform designed by the company is intended to capture the information of a cannabis consumer to be able to serve their requirements and retain them as loyal customers.

Solomon Riby-Williams
CannaOne Technologies Inc. – Solomon Riby-Williams

The BloomKit software developed by CannaOne is an all-in-one solution for cannabis retailers and dispensaries that can enjoy e-commerce, logistics with in-store pickup and delivery options and other full-service features. It is a design-focused solution that provides customized platforms catering to the requirements of the unique cannabis market. Designed to work with medicinal as well as recreational cannabis markets, BloomKit facilitates the legal purchase and sale of cannabis products to enhance customer satisfaction.