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People love podcasts. Among the wealth of media, the trend of streaming services and appeal of books available, folks still love listening to their favorite programs on their headphones. And cannabis is a big player in the on-demand audio arena. Considering the growth of the industry and the number of updates, it is obvious that new shows come up on a regular basis. Even magic mushrooms are used for a wide variety of practical, culinary and recreational purposes. It is the psychoactive component, psilocybin, which is responsible for its hallucinogenic effects. Scientists study the effects of the drug through psilocybin extracts. Over the span of past few years, podcasts are seen to be appearing massively on Stitcher, iTunes, Soundcloud and other platforms with widely varying quality. If you too are a marijuana consumer and want to know about the best weed podcasts to listen to at this time, we have listed some great options depending on the information and entertainment levels they offer. 

Getting Doug with High

Doug Benson has successfully branded himself as a marijuana comedian with the documentary ‘Super High Me’. Getting Doug with High is good because of the rotation of guests who are often his fellow artists. Apart from the interview with Benson, listeners get a chance to learn about smoking methods and accessories. Some of the most exciting segments of the podcast include HeavyMonkey, Pot Topics, High History and Pot Quiz Hop Shot. You can check out the past episodes to find some of your favorite comedians there. 

The Adam Dunn Show

A three-hours content per week, The Adam Dunn Show is one of the best cannabis podcasts available on iTunes. Every episode is about marijuana news, culture, rumors, science and more. The podcast is similar to attending a pot class every week and you can listen to guests who are doctors, lawyers, leaders and professionals across the industry. You can rely on the podcast to increase your knowledge base with everything from cannabis cultivation to the laws governing weed production and sale. 

The Potcast

There are numerous marijuana podcasts revolving around the culture of marijuana. But The Potcast brings long-form interviews about culture and cultivation of cannabis which are fun and informative. You can find a lot of variety with guests including growers, politicians, doctors and lawyers. All the episodes are approachable and professional. Those who are interested in learning more about marijuana would find this podcast a reliable way to do so. You get information about the latest from the industry and the products from legendary brands in the field. 

High Friends

Designed to be a cannabis podcast for women, High Friends is good for anybody of any gender. It focuses on influential women involved in doing big things in the growing field of marijuana. Both the hosts are themselves big figures in the industry and have launched brands celebrating the female experience with cannabis. This bi-weekly podcast has covered some of the most interesting topics like a recent episode about a mother’s decision to cure her son’s seizure disorder using medical marijuana. Other episodes explore the research in the field, events and retail space design related to cannabis. 


Host of this podcast, Matthew Kind, takes listeners into the depth of the cannabis industry every week. The focus is mainly on interviewing leaders who provide insights into the trends leading to the expansion of the weed industry. Topics like legalization, employment opportunities, investment and tourism about cannabis are discussed. You can expect to get information from owners and employees of cannabis dispensaries, chemists, seed companies, investors, entrepreneurs, producers and more. With more than 200 episodes available, you can tune in to the podcast to access the wealth of information. One of the most recent episodes talked about how robots will revolutionize the marijuana industry. 

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